A Children’s Dentist Recommends the Age of Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

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Your child’s first visit to a children's dentist is an important part of good development. A common question is what the right age is for the first visit. In the past several years, the answer to this question has changed quite a bit. In the past, some dentists recommended that age should be around three. But the first visit should actually happen a lot sooner than that.

The right age for a checkup

A children’s dentist will now often recommend that the first visit be as soon as the teeth erupt. That might be around six months to a year old. This is also when parents should switch from cleaning the gums to brushing the teeth. Each child has a different developmental level. But the average age might be around 9 months old.

Some parents might feel that this is a very young age to go to a children’s dentist. Many parents might remember that in the past, the recommendations were around 3 to 5 years old. But more modern research shows that children should have early applications of fluoride done. The research shows that these children are less likely to have cavities.

That is compared with those who come to the dentist at a younger age. Plus, this is a good time to start building strong dental habits for every family member. As the child grows, the child can develop a strong relationship with the dentist. They can have positive memories with the children’s dentist.

The dentist can also look for potential issues, like thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and tongue thrusting. Plus, the dentist will check that the child is meeting vital milestones. The children’s dentist will encourage good nutritional habits, like avoiding sugary foods. That will help both the child’s dental health and overall well-being.

What to expect at a visit

An early exam will focus on having a good relationship with the child in a comfortable place. If the child is old enough, then the dentist will introduce them to different dental elements. That might include the staff members, sunglasses, tooth polisher, and the dentist chair. This will help the child to feel more relaxed when visiting the dentist. The result will be a more positive experience.

Once the child is comfortable, the child will lie in the parent’s lap. Then the children’s dentist will look at the teeth and look for any issues. Fluoride will also likely be applied during this time. The parent might get tips on how to care for the teeth and make the right food choices. Then the young patient will have a schedule for regular dental visits for good oral health.

Visit a children’s dentist today

A children’s dentist likes to see patients at a young age. This can be a fun appointment for you, your child, and the dentist. It will set the stage for a healthier mouth for your child. Do not hesitate to make an appointment today.

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