We Make it Easy to Schedule a Kids Dental Cleaning in Dumont

Kids Dental Cleaning Dumont, NJ

Getting your child to their twice per year kids dental cleaning can sometimes be a struggle. Between juggling different schedules and managing other aspects of a parents life it is easy for this to get pushed aside or forgotten about. However, ensuring that kids have their bi-annual checkup with their dentist is very important even at an early age. Keeping a child's baby teeth healthy will help to be sure that their grown-up teeth are healthy, too!

Here, we make it as easy as possible to schedule a kids dental cleaning. Because we know the importance of having these visits we make it as easy and quick as possible!

A kids dental cleaning

During a kid’s dental cleaning is vital to ensure their baby teeth are kept healthy to make way for their permanent teeth. Although the baby teeth will eventually fall out, keeping them healthy is important.

Checking for cavities

One thing that a dentist will do, even with baby teeth, ensures that there is no decay forming during a kids dental cleaning. If this continues, it could lead to a cavity on the baby tooth. However, when it comes to baby teeth, the treatment can be a bit different. One difference is that if tooth decay is forming very, very slowly and it looks as if the tooth will fall out before it reaches the dentin and becomes a cavity the dentist may suggest that they wait for the baby tooth to come loose. However, this is on a patient to patient basis, and the dentist will inform the parent of the best course of action.

Teaching good cleaning habits

At the early ages, dentists put a lot of emphasis on brushing and flossing the teeth. This is to help younger patients become aware of how important it is to keep good dental hygiene practices. By doing this, the dentist knows they are setting their younger patients up for success for the rest of their life. If they already begin remembering to brush their teeth twice a day and floss, they will be in such a good spot for keeping their adult teeth healthy and free from tooth decay or any gum related issues.

Why is making scheduling dental appointments important?

We know how easy it is for things to get forgotten and the fast-paced life people lead. Making the scheduling of a kids dental cleaning easy was one thing our office knew we wanted to nail from start to finish. Feel free to contact our office staff, and they can help in making the appointments you need and answer any questions you may have. Our staff thrives on helping our patients make the best decisions for their little ones to ensure they grow up with beautiful and amazing looking teeth with no cavities or gum issues.

Request an appointment here: https://novapedsdentistry.com or call Nova Pediatric Dentistry at (201) 812-2952 for an appointment in our Dumont office.

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